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3rd – 5th June 2015

TVX is the leading international conference for presentation and discussion of research into online video and TV interaction and user experience. The conference brings together international researchers and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines, ranging from human-computer interaction, multimedia engineering and design to media studies, media psychology and sociology.


Finally got this white paper on Dynamic Subtitles published… it is a follow on from this…

About 6 months ago from Mike Armstrong's Twitter via Twitter Web Client


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TVX 2014 featured keynotes from distinguished speakers in the field of interactive television and online media.


Dale Herigstad

Dale Herigstad worked for 33 years in Hollywood as a Creative Director for motion graphics in TV and film.  His mission has been to apply the principles of rich media design to interactive experiences. [continue]


Dick Bulterman

Dick Bulterman heads the Distributed and Interactive Systems group at CWI Amsterdam. This group studies models and systems for supporting the capture, transfer and rendering of time-sensitive data across a heterogenous infrastructure. [continue]

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