During the TVX submission process, we can provide the opportunity to receive feedback and guidance from established researchers. This year’s Mentoring program is specifically geared towards Work in Progress (WiP) papers, so that work that is still in a formative stage can profit from the experience of experienced researchers. 

In the mentorship program we get you in contact with a specific member of the community who will provide feedback and support for your submission. Those receiving mentoring will be offered:

  • Opportunity for feedback over Skype from their mentor
  • A commented draft at each stage.

Please note that this is primarily aimed at those who are new to submitting to the TVX community, those in circumstances which are particular adverse (e.g. a disability or personal circumstances which impact upon the paper preparation process), or a particularly novel submission which may require additional input.


  • Deadline for the application is extended by demand, to allow more authors to benefit from this opportunity: 6 March 2017 13 March 2017, apply by sending an email to with subject: “TVX 2017 – Mentoring Program – application”, with your request and referring to a tentative title and areas or topics covered.
  • Assignment of mentors: 7-10 March 2017 soon after each new application arrives.
  • WiP paper submission deadline: 30 March 2017


  • Jiajian (John) Chen – Google, USA
  • Marie-Jose Montpetit – MIT, USA
  • Patrick Olivier – Newcastle University, UK
  • Marianna Obrist – University of Sussex, UK
  • David Geerts – KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Katrien de Moor – NTNU, Norway


For any questions or additional information, you can also contact the Inclusion and Accessibility Chairs at:

Teresa Chambel (University of Lisbon, PT)
Hartmut Koenitz (HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, NL)
Rob Koenen (TNO, NL)