Doctoral Consortium

What is the Doctoral Consortium at TVX2019?

TVX’s Doctoral Consortium (‘the DC’) is a half-day event in Manchester, immediately before the main conference, for people studying towards PhDs (or other doctoral degrees) that are relevant to the themes of TVX. If you are a doctoral candidate who has found yourself reading or referencing work presented at TVX in the past, or if you the scope of TVX makes you feel that this is a community that you would benefit from being part of, then we would love for you to apply to join us in Manchester.

The DC is a forum for you to share your work and ideas with fellow PhD students, and with more experienced researchers in your field. You’ll get the chance to give a presentation on your work, get feedback and suggestions from a range of other people, and participate in practical group activity that will help you support each other with ideas for research approaches and having a great PhD experience. If you are successful in your application for a place in the Doctoral Consortium, you will also get free registration for the rest of TVX2019; the world’s leading international research conference on online video and TV interaction and user research.

If you’re currently studying for a Doctoral degree that includes any of the topics in the list below, then TVX would love your application to become part of the DC:

  • Audience understanding (Maybe you’re researching trends in multi-platform trends, or methods to understanding quality of experience.)
  • Immersive and interactive content experiences (Two screens, three screens, more screens? VR, AR or mixed-reality? And the use of video in other contexts, such as healthcare or education.)
  • Technologies, systems are interfaces (Are you applying AI or games engines in the world of video experiences? Or perhaps integrating social media, making recommendations, or synchronised apps?)
  • Production tools and workflows (Are you studying how video’s craft processes are changing, or developing new design techniques or prototype tools?)
  • Business models and marketing (If you’re investigating how industries will be transformed by changing use of video experiences, then please tell us about it at TVX.)
  • Cultural and social studies (Media addition, ethics and primary, remix culture, creative kids and fandom – what is the impact of changing video experience on our society?)
  • Disruptive studies and video-centric art (Please submit your design fictions, your speculative installations and your challenging engagement. We’d love to hear about them.

TVX is an inclusive, growing, interdisciplinary community, so if you aren’t sure whether the specifics of your research are in scope then (a) they probably are, and (b) please email and the DC chairs will do our best to advise you.

“I had the opportunity to attend the Doctoral Consortium held as part of TVX2018 in Seoul, South Korea. I would describe it as a learning experience unlike any other. The panel, which consisted of experts from both academia and industry were both very interested and invested in all the participants’ research endeavours. As a result of this, the feedback I received helped shape my PhD thesis to a considerable extent. Also, the opportunity to present our work in the conference itself helped with introducing our research to the diverse range of enthusiasts attending the conference from around the world, leading to more constructive feedback, productive discussions and potential contacts for future research. I would encourage any PhD student conducting research in this field to get engaged with the Doctoral Consortium for the exposure, the reviews and the great memories you get to take home.”

Neelima Sailaja (PhD researcher, University of Nottingham)Winner of the Doctoral Consortium Award, TVX2018 in Seoul

How to Take Part?

If you’ve established what your PhD research questions will be, but have still got at least a year before submission of your dissertation or thesis, then that ‘middle period’ of a PhD is a great time to benefit from a Doctoral Consortium. Feedback from your peers and other members of the community is going to be especially valuable to you at that time.

Take part in the TVX DC by submitting a paper between 2-4 pages long (plus references). The paper should be in Old SIGCHI Extended Abstracts Format. They should be well organised and structured in a way that demonstrates the links between the concepts presented. Your paper should clearly specify:

  • A real world problem that relates to and motivates the PhD
  • The concrete research problem(s) that the (proposed) PhD is addressing and how this fits into the bigger picture of other research that addresses the real world problem
  • The aims and objectives of the research
  • The methods used to achieve the objectives and the proposed solution(s), including a brief description of work done so far and a tentative plan for future work
  • The main contribution(s) of the research to interactive TV/media experiences and justification why the contribution will lead to a PhD

At the Conference

If your paper is selected for the DC, you’ll join a group of around five PhD students in Manchester for a morning of activities on Wednesday 5 June 2019. The DC will take place alongside the Workshops that make up TVX’s opening morning, and the DC will be facilitated by the consortium chairs and other experts from the TVX community. You’ll be able to present and share your topic with the chairs, experts and other participants, and you’ll take part in some workshop-style activities, as a group, to help support and inspire your PhD work, and collaborate in a fun environment.

Once the main TVX conference is underway,  you’ll be able to give an ‘elevator pitch’ version of your talk to the full TVX2019 community in a plenary session, and take part in the whole conference including the social events and meal. The DC chairs will also award the author of the best DC paper with TVX2019’s Doctoral Consortium Award, to be presented as part of the conference social dinner.

After the Conference

Your paper will be published in the  TVX2019 Adjunct Proceedings (archived with a DOI on FigShare).

Financial Support DC for Attendance

SIGMM has generously provided sponsorship to support accepted Doctoral Consortium participants in attending the conference. Accepted participants will receive one free registration for the whole conference in addition to a travel stipend that will contribute to travel and accommodation costs. The stipend amount will be determined based on an estimate of costs for travel from each participant’s location and may not cover the entire costs of the trip. Participants must be members of (or join) SIGMM for a period covering the conference dates to receive the this support. More details on how to join SIGMM ($15-20 fee for students) can be found here.


For further details please get in touch with the DC Chairs at:

Hartmut Koenitz (HKU University of the Arts, Utrecht)

Michael Evans (BBC R&D)

Zuzanna Lechelt (University of Edinburgh)

We can’t wait to read your papers. Good Luck!

  • 4th April (12:00PM PT)

    submission deadline

    (Extended from 22nd March)

  • 16TH APRIL

    acceptance notification

  • 5TH JUNE

    doctoral consortium at TVX