ACM TVX2016 offers an exciting opening keynote presentation, with thought-provoking content from an industry leader:


Dr. Tawny Schlieski

Director of Research, Desktop Group, Intel Corporation – Seeks insight into the role of powerful, local computation in our everyday lives. As humans become more mobile, and our data becomes more commercialized, it is her job to understand how the technology in our own spaces protects what we hold dear, and makes our experience of the world richer. 

President, Oregon Story Board – OSB with partners in both the public and private sector, to advance the cause of digital storytelling in Oregon. We pursue a broad range of programming to advance our core values: a strong community of interconnected practitioners; a secure and diverse workforce; and a growing collective of thriving companies.

Keynote Title: “We are the [virtual] 99%”: Bringing the promise of Live Digital Interaction to all the peoples

We are approaching the dawn of a communications revolution, where interactive digital information enables entertainment, education, and industry in ways that we have only imagined in science fiction.  Investors have dropped more than a billion dollars into the industry in the first two months of 2016.  The first wave of interface technologies are beginning to reach developers.  And a handful of new experiences are making their way to consumers.  So who benefits from this revolution? VR and AR are not technologies relevant only the tech elite.  This is a shift in how we communicate with computers and digital information that will give voice to many people, and empower companies and entrepreneurs from many disciplines to create a future, rich with opportunity.