Courses for ACM TVX 2016

This year at TVX we have a great selection of interesting courses for you to enjoy. Requirements for each vary, but all offer a great way to engage with the community around current topics of interest.

Courses will take place on June 22nd, 2016.

Submission is now closed for Courses.


Course: Interactive Television Experience In Convergent Environment: Models, Reception And Business. Instructor: Valdecir Becker

This course will discuss the interactivity on television, which has evolved considerably in recent years. After the walled garden model, widely discussed in this congress some year ago, models based on applications and connected TVs are emerging, with two consequences: effective participation of viewers in programming, especially live, and deprogramming schedule in pay TV systems. Planning the content for this scenario happens to be the biggest challenge of the current television. Finally, the course will explore possible paths for the future of interactivity, such as immersion in videos through spatial and temporal zoom with synchronization of things.

Author Keywords Interactive Television; convergence; audience reception; future applications.