Call for Grand Challenge

About the Competition

Pressing play and watching as moving images unfold on a screen or display is ultimately – in the eyes of the audience – a desire to enjoy an experience. We might want to watch a movie to be entertained or the news to stay informed on current events. Watching an episode of a favourite TV-series might help us decompress after a long day of hard work. Interacting with the content adds to that experience. For example, playing online games in relation to a television documentary might enhance learning in a fun way, checking out the video clip a friend recommended via the mobile phone is a shared experience adding to the feeling of relatedness, and creating mashups and uploading them online is a cool and challenging way to present one’s competence and creativity.

EuroITV 2013 Grand Challenge Competition wants to premiere creators, developers and designers of interactive video content, applications and services that enhance the television and video viewing experience for consumers worldwide. Does your product, content, or service add to the positive experience the television audience is looking for? Are you about to rock the world of interactive video consumption and storytelling? Tell us all about it!

The entries of the competition are expected to take a stand on the following questions, for example:
How might new technologies improve the enjoyment of watching television in the eyes of the audience?
What are the opportunities for innovative, creative storytelling offered by the multitude of platforms available today?

An international jury of interactive media experts will honour and award the best entries with a total prize sum of 3.000 € as well as additional prices for excellence in enhancing the viewing experience. The EuroITV 2013 Competition Grand Challenge award may be given to one entry, divided between several entries or not awarded at all, if the award criteria set by the jury are not fulfilled.

All interactive video content, applications and services, which have been finalized or reached the stages of working demo or pilot, during the year of 2010-2013, are eligible to take part in the competition.

Music to your ears? This is how to participate!

Competition deadlines and key-dates:
All the deadlines expire at 24.00 (GMT-12)
  • Deadline for competition entries: 24th May 2013
  • Notification for competition winners: 31st May 2013

1. Organizers

The EuroITV 2013 Grand Challenge Competition is a part of the EuroITV 2013 conference. The award is funded by EuroITV 2013.

2. Entries qualifying for participation

All interactive TV content, applications, products and service concepts, which have been finalized during 2010-2012, are eligible to take part in the competition.

An example of a suitable competition entry is a finished product, product pilot or demo. No drafts or mere ideas without relevant documentation will be accepted.

The competition rules do not place limitations on the technology used in the entries.

The jury has the right to reject the participation of an entry if it does not fulfil the participation criteria. All jury decisions are final.

3. Entry Submissions

In order to complete a successful submission, the following information is required:
A thoroughly filled out application form, found here;
A video documenting the submission (approx. 3-5 minutes);
A description of the concept;

A demonstration, production, pilot, or demo is eligible to be submitted to the competition. Each entry should be in form of a video documenting the submission (approx. 3-5 minutes). The video should clearly indicate how the content, application, service, or product works and how it enhances the television viewing experience.

In addition to the video, a short description of the concept in English must be attached to the competition entry in form of e.g. sketches, storyboards, images, power points, word documents etc. The description should present the key characteristics and benefits of the content, product or service in a concise and marketing-oriented manner. In addition, also other materials supporting the jury in their decision can be attached to the competition entry.

Submit here

Please note however, the jury decision will primarily be based on the video submissions, and additional materials will be used in case of further questions. We also welcome links to websites in relation to the entries, but the jury decision can only base the decision on submitted materials.

4. Participation

Registration for the competition ends on 27th May 2013 at 21:00 (+1 GMT). Late entries will not be accepted.

In addition to submitting the competition entry, participation requires registration using the registration form.

All submissions must be in English.

Originals sent to the competition will not be returned, so you should keep a copy for your own use. Post and packaging costs are the responsibility of the entrant.

5. Award

The total award sum for the EuroITV 2013 Grand Challenge Competition is 3000 €, including travelling costs. The sum can be awarded to one entry, divided between several entries or not awarded at all if the award criteria set by the jury are not fulfilled.

6. Immaterial property rights

The immaterial property rights related to the competition works remain the property of the competitors. The entrants are responsible for ensuring that they have full copyrights to their competition entries and the right to use the works and their elements when participating in the competition.

The material submitted to the competition remains the property of the author and may not be modified, changed in any way or used in whole or in part for the production of any other work.

7. Evaluation of the entries

The participating works will be evaluated in the following areas:
Commercial potential
Entertainment value and/or usefulness and/or artistic merit and creative implementation
The usability and user experience of interactive and context-aware functions and content

8. The Jury

The EuroITV 2013 organization assembles the jury and its board for the competition.

9. Reference rights

EuroITV 2013 Grand Challenge Competition has the right to use the competition entries and a mention of the entrants as references in its marketing communications.

EuroITV 2013 Grand Challenge Competition have the right to disseminate information about the competition arrangements, competition entries, the awarding of the winners and other details related to the competition in their marketing and advertising, e.g. on the web and in brochures and newsletters.

The submitted works may be used by EuroITV 2013 Grand Challenge Competition without any restrictions or written permission in all presentations, TV broadcasting, CD/DVD productions, CD/DVD compilations and advertisements (internet, CD-ROM, TV, print).

EuroITV 2013 Grand Challenge Competition has the unlimited right to use the submitted material for distribution on DVDs and other media, especially the right to distribute the video material to labels and broadcasting companies.

10. Announcement of results and presentation of the award

The results of the competition will be announced at the EuroITV 2013 Grand Challenge Competition Awards Ceremony, held in conjunction with the EuroITV 2013 conference. The winners will be awarded during EuroITV 2013.

Award nominees will be notified in advance. Their presence at the EuroITV 2013 conference is strongly recommended.

11. Compensation of the finalists’ travel and other expenses

Travel costs are included in the award sum of 3000 €. However, EuroITV 2013 Grand Challenge Competition will pay for the conference tickets of the winners. EuroITV 2012 Grand Challenge Competition will not pay compensation for any other possible costs incurred by the entrants due to their participation in the competition.

For more information please contact