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Accepted Papers

Track 1

Full Papers
  • Goranka Zoric, Louise Barkhuus, Arvid Engstrom and Elin Önnevall. Panoramic video: Design challenges and implications for content interaction
  • Roberto Pagano, Stefano Pasquali and Roberto Turrin. Item Detection in Microblog
  • Junya Kashiwakuma, Itaru Kitahara, Yoshinari Kameda and Yuichi Ohta. A Virtual Camera Controlling Method Using Multi-Touch Gestures for Capturing Free-viewpoint Video
  • Gang Ren and Eamonn O'Neill. Freehand Gestural Text Entry for Interactive TV
  • Edward Anstead, Steve Benford, Maxine Glancy, Yameen Rasul and Elizabeth Valentine-House. Trajectories Through Multiscreen Television Experiences
  • João Ramalho and Teresa Chambel. Windy Sight Surfers: Sensing and Awareness of 360º Immersive Videos on the Move
  • Radu-Daniel Vatavu. There’s a World outside Your TV: Exploring Interactions beyond the Physical TV Screen
  • Alessio Antonini, Ruggero G. Pensa, Maria Luisa Sapino, Claudio Schifanella, Raffaele Teraoini Prioletti and Luca Vignaroli. Tracking and Analyzing TV Content on the Web through Social and Ontological Knowledge
Short Papers
  • Isabelle Pecci, Nathan Godard and Poïka Isokoski. WeSlide: Gestural Text Entry for Elderly Users of Interactive Television
  • Ana Carina Palumbo and Lynda Hardman. User information needs for environmental opinion-forming and decision-making in link-enriched video

Track 2

Full Papers
  • Douglas Paulo Mattos, Júlia Varanda Da Silva and Débora Christina Muchaluat-Saade. NEXT - Graphical Editor for Authoring NCL Documents Supporting Composite Templates 
  • Tomas Kupka, Pål Halvorsen, Torgeir Hovden, Carsten Griwodz and Dag Johansen. Analysis of a Real-World HTTP Segment Streaming Case 
  • Martin Prins, Omar Niamut, Ray Van Brandenburg, Jean-François Macq, Patrice Rondao Alface and Nico Verzijp. A hybrid architecture for delivery of panoramic video
Short Papers
  • Stefan Kaiser, Stefan Pham and Stefan Arbanowski. MPEG-DASH enabling adaptive streaming with personalized commercial breaks and second screen scenarios
  • Mika Rautiainen, Arto Heikkinen, Jouni Sarvanko, Konstantinos Chorianopoulos, Vassilis Kostakos and Mika Ylianttila. User browsing and searching behavior for time-shifted TV content on the Web 
Track 3

Full Papers
  • Thomas Smith and Marianna Obrist. Live-Streaming Changes the (Video) Game
  • Janak Bhimani, Ali Almahr, Toshihiro Nakakura, Masaaki Sato, Kazunori Sugiura and Naohisa Ohta. Vox Populi: Enabling Community-Based Narratives through Collaboration and Content Creation
Short Papers
  • Mariana Ciancia. Transmedia Phenomena: new practices in content production 
  • Jorge M.A. Gomes, Teresa Chambel and Thibault Langlois. SoundsLike: Movies Soundtrack Browsing and Labeling Based on Relevance Feedback and Gamification 

Track 4

Full Papers
  • Jorge Abreu, Pedro Almeida, Bruno Teles and Márcio Reis. Viewer behaviors and practices in the (new) Television Environment 
  • Samuel Basilio, Marcelo Moreno and Eduardo Barrere. Interaction and Audience Analysis in Interactive TV Systems 
Short Papers
  • Pauliina Tuomi. TV-related Content Online – A Brief History of the Use of Webplatforms