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Track 4: Media, Social and Economic Studies

This track solicits works about interactive television development, usage, policy and business strategy from an interdisciplinary social science perspective. We focus in particular on understanding how innovation and transition in television technology and services relates to viewing practices and changes among producers, content, formats, audiences and users. Topics will be typically situated in fields like media and communication studies, sociology, economics and digital media marketing.

All details about deadlines and formatting instructions can be found in the Call for Papers page.

Track Chairs: 

Program Committee:
  • Alberto Mattiacci
  • Amela Karahasanovic
  • Asbjørn Følstad
  • Bram Lievens
  • Brunhild Bushoff
  • Celia Quico
  • David Geerts
  • Francesco Siliato
  • Iacob Prebensen
  • Jan Håvard Skjetne
  • Jens Jensen
  • Jo Pierson
  • Lieven De Marez
  • Marianna Obrist
  • Marika Lüders
  • Mario Benassi
  • Mark Springett
  • Mijke Slot
  • Monica Borges
  • Petter Bae Brandtzaeg
  • Roberto Suarez
  • Shelley Buchinger
  • Tomaz Turk
  • Vera Araújo
  • Wendy Van Den Broeck