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Track 3: Content, Media & Interactive Media Art

In this track the preliminary focus is on innovations from the point of view of content and art. Content for an interactive program means a possibility to deliver a rich user experience. The user experience can be based on a well constructed narrative story, audiovisual aesthetics, creative use of networked viewers in the program or on other content or art related asset of the production. Art means that the work is communicating with the field of art. Examples for the topics of the Contents and Arts track include studies, storytelling, gaming, role playing, virtual worlds, mixed reality, distributed and networked experience design, immersion, social media in storytelling, ambient media, locative media and cross media formats. 

All details about deadlines and formatting instructions can be found in the Call for Papers page. 

Track Chairs:

Program Committee:
  • Denise Mann
  • Diaz-Kommonen Lily
  • Federico Morando
  • Francesco Siliato
  • Ilaria Mariani
  • Maresa Bertolo
  • Mariagrazia Fanchi
  • Mariana Ciancia
  • Massimo Scaglioni
  • Matteo Tarantino
  • Nicoletta Vittadini
  • Salvatore Zingale
  • Simone Tosoni
  • Thomas Bjørner
  • Tuomola Mika
  • Walter Mattana