ACM TVX (Interactive Experiences for Television and Online Video) is the leading international conference for research into online video, TV interaction and user experience.  It is a multi-disciplinary conference and we welcome submissions in a broad range of topics.

JUNE 26 – 28, 2018


Seoul, Korea

Keynote speakers ANNOUNCED!

We are thrilled to announce that TVX will host two amazing keynote speakers: Prof. Marc Christie (University of  Rennes 1) and Ho Sung Kim (a record-breaking Korean movie producer and content creator)

Student Travel Grant Program

Please check Student Travel Grant Programmes.

1. The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant (SSTG) for TVX (closed)

2. Hanyang University’s Travel Funds for TVX2018 (closed)

3. Gary Marsden Student Development Fund for TVX (Deadline: 15th May 2018)


We are happy to announce one more exciting industry keynote presentation from Samsung, in particular, with Samsung’s Gear VR!

"Junghoon Cho" Engineer at Samsung Electronics, will be an industry keynote speaker of the conference on Wednesday 27 June.

Hello All. ACM TVX2018 is now open for Registration and Accommodation. It is our pleasure to invite the scientific community and media industry to attend the ACM TVX2018, which will be held in Seoul, Republic of Korea, on June 26-28, 2018.

To support #HCI in the developing world @sigchi has the Gary Marsden Student Development Fund. This fund is intended to support postgraduate students from and currently based in developing countries to attend our conferences.

Next deadline? May 15th.

Hey all! ACM TVX2018 is happy to offer exciting keynote presentations, with thought-provoking content from industry and academia 😀

Hello all. We are happy to announce about +1 WEEK SUBMISSION DEADLINE EXTENSION for Work-in-Progress, Demos, and Doctoral Consortium in TVX 2018 (8TH APR. 2018). Hope to see you in TVX 2018!

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