Inclusion & Accessibility at TVX 2019


This year we are proud to continue TVX’s Mentoring Programme and open application process for programme committee membership. Additionally, at TVX2019 we have an active reasonable adjustment policy since we want to fully ensure that no-one is prevented from attending our conference, and equally so that people can be sure that the conference will present an accessible experience for them before they register to attend.

Our process for individual reasonable adjustments is simple. Please email our Inclusion and Accessibility Chairs with a request ( and this will be treated with the strictest confidence. We will shortly list both examples of reasonable adjustments that can be individually requested on this page, as well as the specific steps we are already taking in an anticipatory sense.

Mariana Lopez and Si Jung “SJ” Kim

– TVX 2019 Inclusion & Accessibility Chairs

Supporting Accessibility

As the organizers of TVX 2019, we are committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and respectful conference environment for all attendees. As an ACM conference, TVX and its organizers, speakers, and attendees are bound by and the ACM Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment, and we the organizers fully endorse this policy. The policy’s scope includes the conference venue and related social media.

TVX has made efforts over the last several years to be an inclusive community, and we have sought to continue and expand those efforts in our planning of TVX 2019. Should you experience or witness a violation of the anti-harassment policy, or have any other concerns regarding your ability to fully and safely participate in the conference, please contact us.

Mariana Lopez & Si Jung “SJ” Kim (

TVX 2019 Inclusion Chairs