At TVX2017 we want to fully ensure that no-one is prevented from attending our conference, and equally so that people can be sure that the conference will present an accessible experience for them before they register to attend.

Our process for individual reasonable adjustments is simple: please email our Inclusion and Accessibility Chairs with a request ( and this will be treated with the strictest confidence. Below we have listed both examples of reasonable adjustments that can be individually requested, as well as the specific steps we are already taking in an anticipatory sense.

The Conference

  • Advance access to the written materials prior to the conference. This could be appropriate for someone who needs to have them converted into a different format (e.g. Braille), or needs additional time to read the materials in order to decide which sessions that they would like to attend (for instance as a consequence of Dyslexia).
  • Free registration for a Personal Assistant attending the conference to aid a participant.
  • Special dietary requirements accommodated on request, be they for disability, religious, or cultural reasons.
  • Arrangement of an individual fire evacuation plan.

We have incorporated a number of anticipatory steps in the planning of our conference. The main steps we have taken, or are planning to take, to ensure accessibility and inclusion are below:

  • Accessible Venue. The Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision is mostly accessible by wheelchair and only partly accessible by scoot mobiles. A wheelchair elevator is present, with a maximum capacity of 400 kg. A limited amount of visitor wheelchairs is available. If you come by car, be aware that you may need to transit some distance to reach the venue from the parking place.
  • Accessible Proceedings. We expect that all final camera ready submissions, will be accessible, and we can provide support and guidance in order to help facilitate this.

Getting to and around Hilversum

We have collected together a range of accessible services and providers, including in respect of how to get to and around Hilversum. In general, Hilversum. is compact, with most amenities being available within a close vicinity of the venue, with the city centre being flat and having appropriate accessibility features. Under Dutch law, assistance animals are entitled to be used in public places.”

Teresa Chambel, Hartmut Koenitz and Rob Koenen (Inclusion and Accessibility Chairs)

Judith Redi, Omar Niamut and Dick Bulterman (General Chairs)