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TVX ’17- Proceedings of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video

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SESSION: Opening Keynote Address

‘Here’s Looking At You, Kid’: Interactive Entertainment In The Age Of Machine-Readable Humans

  • Wijnand IJsselsteijn

SESSION: User Consumption Pattern

Media Multitasking at Home: A Video Observation Study of Concurrent TV and Mobile Device Usage

  • Jacob M. Rigby, Duncan P. Brumby, Sandy J.J. Gould, Anna L. Cox

How People Multitask While Watching TV

  • Auriana Shokrpour, Michael J. Darnell

Countering Contextual Bias in TV Watching Behavior: Introducing Social Trend as External Contextual Factor in TV Recommenders

  • Felix Lorenz, Jing Yuan, Andreas Lommatzsch, Mu Mu, Nicholas Race, Frank Hopfgartner, Sahin Albayrak

How Millennials and Teens Consume Mobile Video

  • Jennifer McNally, Beth Harrington

SESSION: The Role of the Audience

The Social Construction of Targeted Television Advertising: The Importance of “Social Arrangements” in the Development of Targeted Television Advertising in Flanders

  • Iris Jennes, Wendy Van den Broeck

Let’s Play My Way: Investigating Audience Influence in User-Generated Gaming Live-Streams

  • Pascal Lessel, Michael Mauderer, Christian Wolff, Antonio Krüger

SESSION: Panoramic Video and Virtual Reality

User Experience of Panoramic Video in CAVE-like and Head Mounted Display Viewing Conditions

  • Adam Philpot, Maxine Glancy, Peter J. Passmore, Andrew Wood, Bob Fields

Integrating Mid-Air Haptics into Movie Experiences

  • Damien Ablart, Carlos Velasco, Marianna Obrist

Project Orpheus A Research Study into 360° Cinematic VR

  • Mirjam Vosmeer, Ben Schouten

SESSION: Secondary Content and Companion Screen

Enhancing Interaction with Dual-Screen Television Through Display Commonalities

  • Timothy Neate, Michael Evans, Matt Jones

On Time or Not on Time: A User Study on Delays in a Synchronised Companion-Screen Experience

  • Christoph Ziegler, Christian Keimel, Rajiv Ramdhany, Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy

Don’t Leave: Combining Sensing Technology and Second Screens to Enhance the User Experience with TV Content

  • Daniela Huber, Daniel Buschek, Florian Alt

Understanding Secondary Content Practices for Television Viewing

  • Frank R. Bentley

SESSION: Closing Keynote Address

Virtual Reality and the Future of Immersive Entertainment

  • Arthur van Hoff

WORKSHOP SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Emerging TV Experiences: How VR, Voice, and Emerging Audiences Have Changed the TV Landscape

  • Isha Dandavate, Kerwell Liao, Lettie Malan, Nibha Jain

Converging User-Generated Material with Professional Video User Experiences

  • Michael Evans, George Margetis, Stavroula Ntoa, Rajitha Weerakkody

Workshop on Interactive Digital Storytelling in Broadcasting Environment

  • Sebastian Arndt, Veli-Pekka Räty, Wendy Ann Mansilla, Francisco Ibanez, Scott Davies, Andrew Perkis

In-Programme Personalization for Broadcast: IPP4B

  • Jeremy Foss, Ben Shirley, Benedita Malheiro, Sara Kepplinger, Alexandre Ulisses, Mike Armstrong

ACM TVX Asia Forum 2017: A Brand New Game of Online Digital Marketing in Asia

  • Hokyoung Ryu, Jieun Kim, Shuichi Aoki, Donghun Chung

TVX ’17 Adjunct- Adjunct Publication of the 2017 ACM International Conference on Interactive Experiences for TV and Online Video

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

SESSION: Works-in-Progress

Work-in-Progress Track Chairs’ Welcome

  • Mu Mu, Elena Fedorovskaya

Subtitles in 360-degree Video

  • Andy Brown, Jayson Turner, Jake Patterson, Anastasia Schmitz, Mike Armstrong, Maxine Glancy

User Research and Design for Live TV UX in China

  • Rui Zhang, Ye Deng, Lei Shi

HEd: A Flexible HbbTV WYSIWYG Visual Authoring Tool

  • Carlos Antonio Navarrete Puentes, José Tiberio Hernández Peñaloza

Investigating the Effect of Relative Time Delay on Companion Screen Experiences

  • Chua Wei Liang Kenny, Jacob M. Rigby, Duncan P. Brumby, Vinoba Vinayagamoorthy

A Middleware to Enable Immersive Multi-Device Online TV Experience

  • Hussein Ajam, Mu Mu

Beyond The Timeline a Data-Driven Interface For Interactive Documentary

  • Mirka Duijn, Hartmut Koenitz

Exploring Online Video Databases by Visual Navigation

  • Wolfgang Hürst, Bruno dos Santos Carvalhal

Mobile Devices and Professional Equipment Synergies for Sport Summary Production

  • Sujeet Mate, Igor D.D. Curcio, Ranjeeth Shetty, Francesco Cricri

Enhancing Use of Social Media in TV Broadcasting

  • Sebastian Arndt, Veli-Pekka Räty, Taco Nieuwenhuis, Christian Keimel, Francisco Ibáñez, Andrew Perkis

Multi-Screen Director: a New Role in the TV Production Workflow?

  • Britta Meixner, Maxine Glancy, Matt Rogers, Caroline Ward, Thomas Röggla, Pablo Cesar


Demo Chairs’ Welcome

  • Andy Brown, Lucia D’Acunto

Scanning News Videos With An Interactive Filmstrip

  • Martin Prins, Joost de Wit

Multi-User Motion Matching Interaction for Interactive Television using Smartwatches

  • David Verweij, Vassilis-Javed Khan, Augusto Esteves, Saskia Bakker

Production and Delivery of Video for Multi-device Synchronized Playout

  • Juan A. Núñez, Szymon Malewski, Sergi Fernández, Joan Llobera

2-IMMERSE: A Platform for Orchestrated Multi-Screen Entertainment

  • Ian Kegel, James Walker, Mark Lomas, Jack Jansen, John Wyver

Tellybox: Nine Speculative Prototypes For Future TV

  • Libby Miller, Joanne Moore, Tim Cowlishaw, Henry Cooke, Anthony Onumonu, Kristian Hentschel, Tom Howe, Chris Needham, Sacha Sedriks, Richard Sewell

Movies in Mid-Air: One-Minute Movies Enhanced through Mid-Air Haptic Feedback

  • Damien Ablart, Carlos Velasco, Marianna Obrist

Edinburgh Festival Explorer Demo

  • Andrew Gibb, Sam Nicholson, Graham Thomas

Object-Based Production: A Personalised Interactive Cooking Application

  • Jasmine Cox, Rhianne Jones, Chris Northwood, Jonathan Tutcher, Ben Robinson

Web-based Platform for Subtitles Customization and Synchronization in Multi-Screen Scenarios

  • Mario Montagud, Fernando Boronat, Juan González, Javier Pastor

Social VR Platform: Building 360-degree Shared VR Spaces

  • Simon N.B. Gunkel, Martin Prins, Hans Stokking, Omar Niamut

SESSION: Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium Chairs’ Welcome

  • Ben Shirley, Satu Jumisko-Pyykkö

Effects of Camera Position on Perception of Self In 360 Degree Video and Virtual Environments

  • Adam Philpot

Decoding Kashgar: Participatory Digital Heritage Making via Digital Online Interaction and Gamification

  • Serdar Aydin

Recommending Personalized Informative Contents on iTV

  • David Campelo

Accessible Broadcast Audio Personalisation for Hard of Hearing Listeners

  • Lauren A. Ward

Integration of Touch and Taste with Interactive Media

  • Damien Ablart

Enhancing Over-the-Top Video Streaming Quality with DASH Assisting Network Elements

  • Jan Willem Kleinrouweler

TV Consumption Practices of Brazilian Young People

  • Fernanda Chocron Miranda

Towards Behavior-oriented Quality of Experience Assessment for Online Video Services

  • Werner Robitza

Streaming and Presentation Architectures for Extended Video Streams

  • Emmanouil Potetsianakis

TVX ’17- Adjunct Proceedings

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